Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Vacations :)

Three longgg months.. with nothing much to do.. that was my summer this year! And I guess it was pretty much the same with most of us.. I just felt like writing about all that I did these vacations, now that I have only one day of it to go.. :(

My vacation started off in Delhi.. My first cousin was getting married.I had a nice time at the wedding, and met most of my relatives there. I spent just a couple of days in Delhi, after which my parents and me went to Vaishnodevi. We took a train to Jammu,then a taxi to Katra and finally went up the mountain on horseback! [We were too lazy to walk up! And even if we did, it would have taken us ages to cover a 14 km trek! :P] After this, we had a relaxing 2 day stay at Patnitop.. which is just a small hill station with a few gardens.We then went back to Jammu and took a train from there to Delhi. At the Jammu station, some cop told my mom that there was a bomb scare at the station.. [Well, we all know about J & K's terrorist attacks and stuff..] Only I know how scared I was!!!Thankfully, it was a hoax, and nothing happened! :)

I got back to Chennai in the second week of May, and initially I was absolutely clueless about how I would spend the rest of the vacation.. but I managed to do quite a lot of things, and so I had a fun time altogether.

Just a week after I got to Chennai,I started driving classes. That kept me busy as I would parctise after my class also. Soon after I started my driving classes, I met Sachin! That was a truly wonderful experience..After this I started blogging, because so many people asked me about my Sachin experience, that I decided to write about it, and told them to read it! Apart from this, I also started orkutting and in a few days I realised that orkut was very addictive indeed!!

In the last week of May, my dad's sister [whose daughter got married in May] came over to Chennai for a couple of weeks and I had a great time taking her around.

I watched loads of movies these holidays.. newly released ones as well as older ones I had missed out on. I also read a few books, and these two things kept me busy when I had nothing else to do!

I went to my dad's office for a week, and he taught me a bit about accounts and stuff.. But I only went for a week, and only for half a day each day, so I don't know how much I remember now!! [:P]

I met my close school friends a lot of times, and we re-lived our school days..none of us have changed beyond a teeny-weeny bit, if at all. Since I was very jobless, my friends asked me to organise a re-union of our batch. So I started contacting people and managed to organise one in the last week of June.Not too many people turned up, since exams had just gotten over n stuff, but we had a nice time.

Just before the re-union at school, we got the good news that my second cousin in Bangalore got engaged! So I had a sudden and unexpected trip to bangalore, to attend the engagement. I enjoyed with all my cousins there.I stayed only for 3-4 days as I wanted to be back for the re-union.

After this I was waiting for my parents' wedding anniversary and my mom's birthday, which fall on consecutive days.. We went out for dinner for their anniversary, [during the day Macho girl, Prina and me had had a nice salt-container experience!] and for mom's birthday, my friends came over for lunch. We cut a cake in the evening with my cousins who live in Chennai.

The next day, I left for Calcutta.. I had intended to go to Cal from the beginning and it wasn't a sudden plan or anything. I have my nanibadi [Mom's parents and their family] in Cal.. I ate so much in Cal that everyday I felt I had an upset stomach!! But I didn't really care.. coz Cal is famous for its food.. and I knew I wouldn't get very appetising food in Singapore! I watched a few movies there also. I was there for around 8-9 days.

After I got back to Chennai, I was just busy meeting my friends once again, and doing a bit of last minute shopping.. And today, I can't believe how three months have just flown by. Initially, I really didn't know what I would do in the hols and thought I would be jobless most of the time, but with my parents, and my friends,I didn't realise how time flew!

I had a nice time, and a good break from Singapore! I did miss Singapore and my NUS friends at times, but we kept in touch through orkut, mails, messaging, calls and missed calls! [We would give each other missed calls whenever we missed each other, or generally to imply Hey! Hope u're good.. I'm fine too!! Lol!!]

I have a day of my holidays to go.. and I'm going to spend it packing!! Now I can't wait to get to Singapore.. but I know I will really miss home.. my parents.. but it's ok, coz december isn't far away! :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Salt container!!

I was just talking about not being able to find enought topics to blog about.. and here I am, writing a post two days later! Hehe.. Actually, what happened with me today was pretty hilarious and so I thought it would be very nice recalling all that happened.

Macho girl, Prina and me decided to meet up at Spencers plaza today and we met there at around 11. We loafed around a bit, and then Macho girl realised that she wanted to buy a birthday present for a friend and Prina wanted to buy an Indian type of wallet.... basically, a wallet which wasn't the usual leather type.. I was looking for a salt container to keep in my kitchen.. [Not that I cook or for that matter visit my kitchen very right now, we keep salt next to the stove in a plastic box.. the kind they give you at take-away counters[!], and I don't quite like the look of a horrible looking plastic box..Hehe..] So we started looking out for what we wanted to buy, and after a while Macho girl decided that she would buy it later and Prina decided Shoppers Stop had better wallets! So we had just one thing in mind.. a Salt container!!

First of all, Macho and Prina were shocked that we kept salt in the open.. in a container without a lid.. what if it got moist or water dropped into it? So they were hell bent on me buying a conatiner with a lid! I agreed momentarily.. but I knew that we were used to having an open salt conatiner.. and even I bought a typical salt container, either it would be put away.. or the lid would definitely go missing in a day or two..
However, Macho and Prina kept picking up containers with lids whereas I kept looking at ones without lids! Both of them were very irrirated and tried persuading me to buy one with a lid.. and here are some of the things they told me..
  • Since salt is bad for health, [whenever did that happen by the way??] you better have a lid on.. so you won't use much..
  • What if the kitchen tap was left open by mistake and the kitchen got flooded?? Then what would happen to the salt?? Oh my god!!
  • Buy a microvavable salt container so that even if the salt gets moist, the moisture would evaporate when microwaved.
  • [I kept looking out for lidless ones..] Oh forget it, you're not going to listen.. [And they started picking up water jugs instead.. and then they said...] Why don't you buy this.. and persuade your mom to have a big party.. so she'd need lots of salt...?? And it would flow out of the jug.. What say?
There were so many other things we said and did.. the expressions we gave.. the kind of stuff we tried using as salt containers.. it was just too funny.. I had an awesome time.. no prizes for guessing what I finally bought in the end.. A short and wide mouthed glass, made of glass, with pretty green and yellow stripes.. So what if it wasn't the best one .. or wasn't to Macho or Prina's liking? It would atleast serve as a better salt container than a stupid plastic box!!!

Before.. The stupid plastic box..

After.. A much better choice??

Monday, July 03, 2006

What should I blog about? :|

I was pretty jobless and I thought I'd better update my blog before people came home and slapped me :P [Look at Macho girl's comment on my first post and you'll know what I'm talking about!!] Okay.. so I had the time.. and I wanted to update my blog.. so what was the problem..??Well... I couldn't find a topic to blog about!
Have you ever faced this problem before? Or am I the odd one out..?? It was so weird.. I sat in front of my laptop for almost an hour, not knowing what to blog about, and thinking of what to post! Then an idea suddenly came to my mind, and I started writing.. I wrote a paragraph or two.. and then deleted it.. why?? 'Coz I was getting a bit too philosophical.. and was wondering if it made any sense! I thought of a different topic.. but again.. I thought that my philosophy would make sense only to me, and so I deleted it!

Well, since I took the trouble to think about, and write a couple of paragraphs on these two topics, I think I better tell you something about them :P !! The first one was about what Shahrukh said to Preity in Kal Ho Na Ho.. "When you look at your life.. you might find that it has a lot missing.. but when you look at it from another's perspective, you might see that you actually have a lot.. a lot that you didn't realise you had.. or appreciate.. what's the use of living this life, if you can't appreciate it and be content with what you have..??
Hanso.. Jiyo.. Muskurao.. Kya pata kal ho na ho...
[Laugh.. live life fully.. you never know if there will be a tomorrow]".. Sounds a lot better in the movie though.. cos the lines were written in Hindi.. and a professional writer wrote it! Anyway, this is one of my favourite dialogues from the movie.. and I thought of elaborating on it.. but as I said.. I was getting toooo philosophical.. and.. :|

The second idea was also from a movie.. Bluffmaster.. Where Boman Irani asks Abhishek Bachchan to bring to his mind the most memorable days of his life.. And surprisingly, Abhishek could not recall more than 30 days in the 30 years that he had "lived".. I really wonder if we do cherish all that we should.. even simple moments that we share with the people we love..

Coming back, I was feeling :| again...and as you see, I decided against it..
And hey, what do we have here? I've created a post out of my topiclessness [!] and also managed to give you a gist of what I wanted to convey!![Minus the boring mini-lecture that would have accompanied it if I had decided to write about it..!]
Now that's cool! :P