Sunday, August 13, 2006

National Day!

I just read and commented on Macho girl and Clueless's posts on our national day outing. They've written about our entire experience, complete with pictures and stuff. So I thought, why should I write about the same thing again? So I'm just writing here what I had commented on their posts!

We sure did have an awesome time.. right from showing off to our friends that we were all dressed in red and white [being the patriotic people that we are :P]; to enjoying the food, fireworks, stupid couplets and lame jokes [With CS around, you are bound to have those!], piranhas swimming in the water :P,the beautiful moon, the endless list of places we had to visit in Singapore - including the revolving restaurant,our hunt for handsome hunks :P,imitations of bikes racing with my grunt,lol, wondering how a mermaid actually pees,lol, taking some amazing pictures,and loads of other amazing memories.. :)
We rock! :D :D

Friday, August 11, 2006

Grayscale world

Just imagine a world without colours.. a world in grayscale.. actually I can't even imagine it!!

All our clothes would be just gray,black and white.. The difference would only be in the print.. how boring!! But come to think of it, we would not have any problem thinking if a shirt matches with a skirt or a dupatta with a kurta!! We would just need black and white accessories! Haha.. I guess shooting for black and white movies was much easier in terms of costumes and stuff..! And even coming to make up; one, or probably two shades of lipstick was all you needed.. one dark and one light!

I wonder what colour the sun or lights would be.. I mean verrrry bright white?? And the sky? Gray? Yeeww! Atleast rain would still be the same colour! Lol..

Flowers would become so boring! Just one type of roses.. Then what would happen to the red-for-love, yellow-for-friendship, and white-for-peace?? Other flowers would also look similar.. there would be no variety left!

If you were given a mixed fruit salad, or a pastry, or some Indian sweet, you would not know what you had in front of you, until you tasted it! For one thing, rabbits and elephants would still look the same!

Well, there are so many things you can think of.. but I just can't imagine a black and white world! So bland.. so lifeless.. so very boring!

I can't imagine this world without colours..!! :D This looks so cooool!!But errm, this post is about a grayscale world, and not about writing each word in a different colour!! So I guess I'll stop here! :D