Friday, April 13, 2007

How weird am I?

I thought I'd complete this tag after my exams, but after reading Macho girl's and Clueless's blogs about their weirdness, I can't really wait anymore! :P For rules about this tag, please read Soleil's blog :)
Here goes..
  1. I really love smelling erasers. The newer the eraser, the better. I pity my friends who sat next to me in class in school.
  2. My mind can come up with lame jokes that are so lame, that after a point.. you just don't know what to do with me. Lol. And I can laugh over nothing. I'm sure you've seen me 'high'. [And I'm sure you also know what my definition of high is! :)]
  3. This has happened to me twice in NUS - I got up in the middle of the night, opened my fridge, gulped down chilled milo, and went back to sleep. Ok if this is not weird enough, then here's something else that's weird about me.. I have a memory for random details. I can remember birthdays, any kinds of numbers and what people wore when! [Macho girl - you should've included this in your list too! And may be you could have written- what people ate when!]
  4. Whenever I write anything down, I can't stand it if my i's don't have the dot in the right place or if my l's don't have a proper curve. I either erase and write again, or do something so that it looks perfect. Even parentheses, if the open and close bracket are not curved in the same way, I don't like it. Lol. I know this is really weird. But I was a freak about this in school. But that didn't mean I took ages to complete my exam papers or they were untidy or anything. My note books and text books were the neatest in the class! :P One stray line anywhere and I would erase it. I also couldn't stand it if eraser dust got caught in the middle of the pages and went into the binding of the book such that I couldn't take it out. Now in university I don't seem to care much about any of these things.
  5. I can be very organised. I don't find it weird, but my not-organised-at-all-and-would-be-dangerous-if-organised type of friends do! The very fact that I delete my deleted items in my NUS mail everyday seems weird to them! And just like Clueless, all my folders on my comp have to be well marked, and basically, everything has to be prim and proper.
  6. I can't stand random strands of hair lying on the floor or washbasins or on the shower cubicle floor for that matter. I just can't.
I think the 80 is the right number in my case, isn't it? haha.. that's upto you to decide! :) And about tagging 6 friends, I'd love to see all my friends do this, so if you've read this or you are on my blogroll, go ahead and post - Tag, you're it!