Monday, March 05, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged.. here it goes.. :)

Three things that scare me:
  1. Gangsters/Terrorists or people who look like them.
  2. Hacking into other people's computers/mail accounts.
  3. Getting stuck in a lift!
Three people who make me laugh:
  1. Siddharth
  2. Kiki
  3. Myself! [Yes I'm sure you know the story about how I always laugh at my own jokes/laugh at them first even if nobody else does!]

Three things I love :

  1. The feel of warm clothes out of the dryer.
  2. The fragrance of a nice perfume carried by the breeze from someone else's room.
  3. Singing.
Three things I hate:
  1. Spiders.
  2. People who can't keep their promises.
  3. Dirty bathrooms!
Three things I don't understand :
  1. People.
  2. Destiny.
  3. The need to lie for petty things.. why do people do it?
Three things on my desk :
  1. Idols of Gods I believe in.
  2. Photo frames.
  3. Soft toys.
Three things I am doing now :

Right now I am blogging.. so I'd rather write what I did a couple of hours back!

  1. Laundry.
  2. I was listening to music.
  3. Was hanging out with my friends.
Three things I want to do before I die :
  1. Watch a proper sunrise/sunset by the beach or anywhere.
  2. Sit in a hot air balloon and fly over mountains.
  3. Sit in the cockpit as the plane lands and look at the city and the runway, preferrably at night.
Three things I can do :
  1. Make people go crazy with my lame jokes.
  2. Remember birthdays/anniversaries very well.
  3. I have good oratorical skills [only if I've prepared the speech beforehand though!]
Three things you should listen to :
  1. Advice from your parents - they always want the best for you.
  2. Your heart [When you are in a dilemma and don' t know what to do.. listen to everybody, but do what your heart says.]
  3. Good relaxing music.
Three things you should never listen to :
  1. Rumours/gossip if your intention is to tell it to the next person in sight.
  2. Someone scolding you for no fault of yours.
  3. The fire alarm in your block [you'll go deaf :P].
Three things I'd like to learn :
  1. Chinese.
  2. Cook food without having to refer to a cookery book.
  3. To eat with chopsticks! [Accomplished! :D]
Three Favourite Foods:
  1. Paneer.
  2. Khandvi.
  3. The dal made at home.
Three beverages I drink regularly:
  1. Milo.
  2. Ice lemon tea.
  3. Juices.
Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid:
  1. Small Wonder/Secret Seven.
  2. Silver Spoons/ Famous five.
  3. I dream of Jeanie/ Tinkle.
Three people I would love to tag:
  1. Sinduri.
  2. Juggy.
  3. Mom/dad.

Yipeee!! :D

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Confused me!

My gang of friends in school and me call ourselves "Masskdvj" [Weird name??].. It started off as - you won't believe it.. Sam, Mask, Maskd, Mask Dj, Maskd Vj, Masskdvj!! With the addition of every new member into the gang, the name would change because we would use the first letter of the person's name to add to the group name. Did you realize that I'm the only vowel in there? :P

The point of telling you about 'Masskdvj' this is because we created a community on orkut and we created topics in our little community - memories of school days, good/bad traits about the person above you, 'What I did today', etc.. - these were some of our topics.

[You are still probably wondering what the title of the post has got to do with what I've written.. Well, just wait n watch! :)]

A few weeks ago, in late January actually, there was this series of posts and replies which we had..I was just going through that today.. and I found it really funny, so I thought I'd share it with you. That's where you'll realize why the post is titled 'Confused me!'

What I did today :)
As titled, just post what you did the entire day today.. Don't give details like I got up, brushed my teeth, etc.. hehe.. If you had an exceptionally good/bad day, post it we can join in your joys/sorrows!!! :)

study , or tried to !

its 4 in the mornin n im sitting n doin record...:(

:(Same here Monisha.. I was doing lab report till until 3 30 ish.. a 15% lab report.. ever heard of one report being 15%?? Anywayz I had a meeting at 10 in the morning.. and my lab report deadline was 12.. so basically, last night I had not finished my lab report, thought I would get up early and finish it, go for my meeting, come back n catch up on sleep since today is a holiday here for Eid.. Put alarm for 7 30.. what finally happened was that I got up at 8 30, finished my report at 10, didn't have a bath, reached my meeting my 10 30, after which I submitted my lab report.. then I got a message that I have another meeting at 1 in the same place.. so I am waiting there only.. and writing this.. :) In the middle my aunt who's come from Calcutta called to come and meet her.. so now the position is this.. I have not had lunch, I have not had a bath, I have not had enough sleep.. and after my meeting gets over here, I will go back, have a bath, eat something, have to pass on some stuff to a friend, after which I will go to meet my aunt, on the way I'll probably try to sleep.. coz the bus takes almost 45 mins to reach that place.. was supposed to have vocal also today..Thank God it's cancelled..I was supposed to study with Neha the entire day today.. my day will begin only when I get back at 5 I guess.. :( Anywayz.. basically, Monisha, you're not alone! :(

Oh and I just realised.. I lost my lens!
What a day! :(

And guess what.. I found it!!! :D
What a day!! :D :D

phew !( cool for you about your lens !)
have fun

arushi u havn changed a bit...just the usual blabberer...