Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I received this forward today and I laughed so much that my sides hurt! So I decided to post it here.. you might have heard it before, but if you haven't, have fun reading! :)

Some translations from english to hindi..

* Yo baby! Wassup? - Munni, ye upar kya hai?
* Listen buddy, that chick is mine! - Suno dost, vo murgi ka baccha mera hai.
* Are you nuts? - Kya aap akhrot hain?
* Rock the party! - Pathar maro jashn main!
* Let's hangout.. - Chalo bahar latakte hain..
* How do u do? - Aap kaise karte hain?

Did u have a good laugh? :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

My birthdays in the past years..

All kids are excited abour their birthdays - your birthday is one day you can do whatever you want, and no one will stop you. You get lottttts of cute gifts from your friends, you are the centre of attraction, and you get to eat looooads of cake and chocolates. [And thanks to your friends, your clothes, face and hair get to taste cake too!]

Being excited about your birthday a few days before it is pretty normal. But in my case, believe it or not, my countdown would start almost 150 days in advance!!
Yes, it's true.. :D

Now that doesn't mean that I would actually count days to my birthday everyday, starting from 5 months in advance. It's just that I would start thinking about my birthday and my birthday party from October onwards! [My birthday falls in March.. and according to some weird people, in May! Those who don't know the story, ignore the last sentence! :P] Atleast once a fortnight I would remind my parents how many days were left to my birthday.

I was equally excited about my birthday parties and I would invite all my friends to it. We used to have the usual - games, cake cutting, birthday bumps, the khoyi bag and 'return gifts!' when I was small. [In case you don't know what the Khoyi Bag is, it is a nicely wrapped cardboard box filled with goodies and tied high up where the children can't reach it. The birthday girl/boy punctures a hole in the box, and all the goodies fall down. You should see how the children jump over each other to collect the maximum amount of goodies!]

I specifically rememeber the first of March many years ago, when I woke up, screamed "Yay! it's March!!" and hugged my mom!

When I grew older, I started planning my birthday parties.. In one, we had a game in which I showed all my friends a video of 'baby me' and then I had a quiz on it!! In another, we had a vegetable-jewellery competition and it was amazing to see the creativity with which my friends made their jewellery! In one, we had a beauty paegent sort of a thing - we had to walk the way models walk on a ramp, and we had prizes for 'Miss beautiful smile' , 'Miss beautiful hair', etc.. The best part was that my cousin brother Rishub won the prize for the best smile, but all the sashes I had made were titled 'Miss', and you should have seen him blush when I put the 'Miss beautiful smile' sash on him!! :D

When I was in the 11th standard, my friends gave me a surprise birthday party for my 16th birthday.. They had planned the whole thing with my mom days in advance, and I had a feeling something was up. At times I was sure that they were planning something, and sometimes my mom would say something that would indicate that there was nothing special being planned for my birthday! Not until the very day of my birthday did I get to know the truth! My friends got home before me, hid their slippers n stuff and did all they could to prevent me from knowing that they were there.. but they forgot one very important thing - my friend left her scooty outside my house!! But it was great fun all the same, and all of us had a wonderful time.
When I was in the 12th, my boards and going on in March and I had my biology exam on my birthday! And in my first year at NUS, my friends surprised me and we had a cute little celebration in my cluster kitchen!!

Even now I am very excited about my birthdays, but obviously not the kind of excitement when I was a kid. And before you start thinking stuff, no, that's not the reason why I'm blogging about my birthday in december itself :P

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My new hair cut!

I'm blogging after a reallllllly long time, I know, I'm sorry! Now that we have vacations for a month, I'll update my blog more often! :D

Well, guess what?? Ok you don't really have guess - the title says it all! I got a new hair cut!! Yippeeee :D I was so bored of the previous one.. my hair was all the same length and so when I left it loose it didn't look all that nice, or atleast I thought so. I wanted to get my hair cut in layers and that's precisely what I got! After your hair cut the hair dresser at the parlour usually blow dries your hair to enhance the effect of the hair cut.. Well, for me, the hair dresser took more time to blow dry my hair than to cut it!! Haha.. and so, the effect was layers plus a lot of curls!! :D And I loveeeed it :D

By the way, I've always been confused about the use of 'blow dry' in the past tense.. The hair dresser blow dried my hair? Or blew dried my hair.. lol! Guess it should be the former.. But let me know please!

Anyway back to my hair cut, as I said I loved it, and it looked amazing! My mom didn't seem all that excited - or even excited for that matter and I HAD to share my joy and excitement with someone! So I went to my friend's place on the way back home - and she loved it toooo!! And she immediately took a picture.. Just after that the camera switched off coz there was no battery left! :(

So I went back home and took more photos!! :D Posting just one here.. there were many more.. front view, side view.. and I dunno what not :P

[That's a nice way of showing off the glass painting I made a few years ago, isn't it?? :P]

Well, this hair cut was day before yesterday and I told my parents that we should go out for dinner because my hair was all done and looking good! :P We did go! In fact, this is the hair style I wanted for my cousin's wedding a few days ago.. but neither did I have the layered cut, nor did I have the time to get anything done to my hair!

I am going for a shower now - I gotta wash my hair.. and I'm sure the effect of the curls won't remain after that.. :( But I badly want to know how my hair's going to look after the wash.. After all, that's what's going to stay.. But it's ok.. however it looks, I can always come back to this post and look at my amazing hairdo! :D