Thursday, June 29, 2006

I can drive!! Yipeeeeeee :D

One useful thing I've done these holidays is that I've learnt how to drive!! Just a week after I got back to Chennai, I enrolled myself in a driving school and got my LLR [Learner's Licence]. My dad told me to choose the 9 a.m. class so that I would wake up while it was morning during the holidays!! Lol.. otherwise, I'm sure I would have snored away till noon... or may be even later than that..! So I used to wake up with the help of alarm clocks everyday at around 8 30 and go for class.. A maruti 800 was what I learnt in.. It was good fun.. I can never forget the day of my first class.. I was so excited that I drove!! Even though I drove only on the first gear, or occasionally the second!! I was dancing and shouting around the entire house 'coz I drove for the first time!!!

The classes continued for almost a month.. because I used to have classes only 5 days a week.. so 20 classes in all.. But I was obviously practising at home also.. I started taking my car on the main roads and crowded places as well. But I never took the care alone.. either the driver or dad or mom used to sit next to me.

It used to be really very funny when my driver would pull the hand break to avoid a collision, even though I would be 5 feet away! Precaution... Hmmmm... lol..

Soon I was pretty confident of my driving, and started taking my family around.. I would want to go out just because I would get a chance to drive!! My parents kept giving me tips.. though I must say that my mom used to get irriatated [and scared!] very qucikly!! But my dad was very patient with me.. and I owe most of what I've learnt to him..and of course, to my driving school as well..

One month later.. I took my driving test.. but it was a cake walk.. 'coz they hardly asked us to do anything at all!! I just drove around 100 metres! Lol.. Around 8 of us took the test in 10 mins, so what could one expect!! Haha.. So here I am, really excited and happy, that I finally can drive, and for a couple of days now, I've been taking the car alone...and..well,all I can say is... I am reallllllllly happy!!! :D Thank you God! And thanks to everyone else who has been part of my learning process!This post is for you! :D

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lame Jokes :P

My friend was walking beside me and he kept stamping my foot, by mistake (or so he said!) and after a while I got really annoyed. I told him to walk 5 feet away from me! At this he remarked, "Haha, this is nothing, you don't know what happened when I stamped somebody in Djakarta!".. I coolly replied...”What happened? He got posted?!?"

Scenario 1: You laughed..
Well, I can only say, welcome to the club!! :D
Scenario 2: You smiled...
Hmmm.. a little more effort my child, and you'll be one of us soon!
Scenario 3: You reaction was.."Ohhh myyy godd!!"
Stay as far away from us as possible, cos lame jokes are part of us now!

Cracking lame jokes, and beginning to think lamely..and enhancing our lametivity (In case you are wondering why you haven't ever seen that word's because our Lame king in NUS coined it a few weeks ago!!) has been part and parcel of our hostel life at NUS. We can crack the lamest of jokes, and still laugh at them...atleast at the stupidity of the joke, if not anything else! Most often what happens is that only I laugh at my lame jokes and am at the receiving end of oh-my-god-you-are-so-so-so-lame-god-help-you kind of stares (But that only happens when I'm not in the right company.. when my lame gang gets together, there's no stopping us!!)

Sometimes when I'm sitting alone...or waiting for someone somewhere..I somehow manage to remember past situations where all of us had a rollicking time cracking jokes.. and I cannot suppress my emotions at that moment, no matter where I am! Once, I was in the toilet outside lt 7, and I remembered something funny that had happened sometime ago, and I burst out laughing..There were two other people in the queue there... the one in front of me asked me.."Excuse me miss, are you alright??" Lol!! That was so embarrassing.. Well, that was only a toilet with a couple of people, so it's ok..Once in a Christmas programme, I started laughing on the stage, in the middle of carol singing! I guess that has been one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!!

In fact I was not the PJ queen, but the VPJ (Verrry poor jokes) queen in my class!! But you know, somewhere in the middle of our lame jokes, a good joke comes up, and we actually compliment that person for his or her feat! But that happens very rarely you see....

A few examples of our lame jokes..

Ek gadha ped par chadha.. ped par baithey hathi ne poocha "Tu kyun chadha?" Gadhe ne kaha, "Apple khane.." Hathi ne kaha "Par yeh toh aam ka ped hai.." Gadhe ne jawaab diya - "Toh kya hua, mein apple saath laya hoon!!"

"Hey, from now on call your mom F..".."What!?!!"..."Yeah, coz force F= ma"..

James bond went to a pan shop and had pan. He had to pay four rupees for it, but he paid only 1.50 and said... "Dhai another day!!"

This one's my favourite.. A man was driving his car on a highway when a hare came under his care and died. Being the animal lover that he was, he tried frantically to get it back to life, but in vain. He suddenly remembered something and went to the dikki of his car and came back with a spray can. He sprayed the hare with it. Immediately, the hare came back to life and started waving to the man. The man was surprised!! Then the hare moved away from the man, waved to him..went a little further...waved to him...went further down...waved...
But the man was busy looking at what was written on the spray can...
"Hair spray. Gives life to dead hair. Increases waviness..."

We really have the time of our lives sitting together and laughing over our lame creations...or sometimes over nothing!! Like laughing gas had been sprayed over us! Well, laughter is the best medicine.. and I fully believe in it.. and it doesn’t really matter what makes you laugh, does it? So put on your laughing hats.. and laugh!! Remember, "Life isn't measured by the number of breaths u take..but by the moments that take your breath away.." So enjoy life to the fullest while you can..! And if this reason is not enough, nowadays all Yoga preachers advise you to sit in a group and laugh loudly...laugh over nothing...and laugh so loud that the neighbours hear it..! Well, laughing over lame jokes it better than laughing over nothing, is it not? ;)

And by the way, do you know what Tarzan said when he saw 1000 elephants coming over the hill?
"1000 elephants are coming over the hill!!" :P

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Babies... or Stars...









My first post was exceptionally loooong... so this time, I'll just let the pictures do the talking!! :)