Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tucked in! :)

The best feeling in the world - being tucked in bed with a rajai early in the morning, not wanting to move at all - even to reach out to the AC remote to switch it off, listening to the rain outside.. The loud thunder, the gentle pitter patter of rain drops.. and the feeling that the weather outside is much better than it actually is, 'cos your room's cold :D Feels like heaven, doesn't it?

Just when you feel like you're in dream land, reality strikes - your alarm rings and you have to wake up and get ready for work. You'd rather go outside and get drenched in the rain!! It's high time the work from home option got introduced! Aah well. At least you had a beautiful start to the day! :)


Macho Girl said...

Omigosh! how in the world did you manage to get out of bed on a morning like that?! I love lying in bed or on the couch, feeling kinda cold and all snuggled up in a blanket while I watch the rain outside my window :)

Word verification - "ingest"! time for me to digest your next post :P

Confused Soul said...

@Macho girl,

I got out of bed thinking... someday, work from home will become operational :P