Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The perfect moment!

This picture was taken from my office a few days ago. What a beautiful view of the sun setting.. I went back a couple of minutes later and this perfect view was gone. It was still very beautiful, but just not as awesome. Even earlier today, I happened to catch glimpse of the sun just before it set, bright reddish-orange in colour.. glowing! A second later, it was gone!

It just made me think, how important timing is, in our lives. One moment early, or a moment late, and that moment has passed. The effect is just not the same. A word of encouragement said at the right moment is worth more than a few hours' of motivational lectures when it's not needed. A smile or hug from a friend when you're feeling blue, will offer more solace than a river of comforting words later.

Just a thought. :)


just life said...

Spot on.... Little moments stay memorable...

Macho Girl said...

living in the moment :) the only way to live!

Confused Soul said...

@Just life,

Yes! I believe life is just a lot of little things put together :)

@Macho girl,

Appreciate every moment, cherish every feeling :)

Jagan said...

Your blog name just stayed in my mind out of hundreds i heard in the indiblogger event, I even hardly remember your name & face.

Yup, Joined your blog, Find my blog and join if you are interested. :)


Confused Soul said...


Thank you so much!:)