Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life after death!

I look forward to the last Sunday of every month because I get to meet my best buddies from school… over a meal, movie, bowling or shopping – that is never decided beforehand. We always meet at my place and then decide according to the mood! So there we were, lazing on my couch… chatting about how our lives had turned out, catching up on the new and reminiscing about the old… when I casually asked “What happens when you die?”

Silence prevailed for a few moments. Everyone knows there is heaven and hell, that we are reborn, that we get a human life after many other lives, etc… but we still wanted to know exactly what happens. So we decided to explore… and suddenly became children all over again, dancing with excitement as we had found our agenda for the day!

We jumped into our Tata Safari and set off on our 300 km journey to Souliland. You must be wondering… that if it’s a place accessible to man, the knowledge of life after death must be publicly available. The catch lies here – once you enter Souliland, you become Amir Khan – not literally – but you experience what Amir does in Ghajini. The memory of whatever you see in there is completely erased once you leave. Nevertheless, we wanted to go and get answers to the questions in our minds! 

We reached Souliland at noon. We were very excited! There was a single castle, that looked a little like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. We expected to see something that depicted heaven and hell – may be a sparkling white land on one side and a dark sight on the other. People being treated like kings, with angels all around them... or some being fried in a large cauldron by demons!

I don’t remember what we saw in there, but I do remember what I felt when I came out – as if the Gods had given us a message to take home: These days, both heaven and hell are found on earth itself, you don’t have to wait to die to experience it! If you do good, you get good - you attract good things for yourself for this life and the next… If you do bad, your life will become hell on earth, sooner or later…

We might not have found an answer to our question about what happens when we die… but we did find out how we should live while we are alive… that life is a circle - you will get back what you give :)


Anonymous said...

I definitely believe in karma... but I'd enjoy a trip to Souliland to confirm my beliefs! ;)

Ragini Puri said...

So Souliland is where we all go...riding on the Karma train! Too bad you don't remember the details from there! Looks like God wants us all to experience it first hand to know figure out what kind of place it is!
Very creative post! Thanks for sharing :)

Confused Soul said...


Haha.. we are all destined to go there someday! :D

@Ragini Puri

Thank you so much... glad you liked the post :)

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