Monday, March 22, 2010

It happens only in India :)

We often complain about a lot of things that aren't alright in India. Sometimes we wish that India was more developed and that things were better or more organised. But behind all the imperfections lie certain experiences that we all truly cherish... some of which make life a little more exciting!

We complain about the bad roads and water logging in the rainy season... but don't we have memories of paper boats, playing in the water and taking a ride on the road just to see the water splish-splash? We complain about not having electricity at times... but do we not have memories of having unexpected candle light dinners with family, making shapes with our hands and projecting them on the wall? Where else can you make a local call for as low as 10p/min? Where else can you still buy a toffee for 50p? Where else can you play cricket on the street and get away with situps for breaking your neighbour's window? We complain about infrastructure... but where else can you find a handy cobbler or tailor right across your house on the street, in every locality? Where else can you say that the yummiest chaat is the roadside chaat? :D And on a lighter note, even if you are late anywhere, you can always blame it on the traffic ;)

We might have a lot of things that need improvement... but there are certain other things that we cannot find anywhere else in the world :) I love my India :)


Macho Girl said...

dramatic change from your previous views! But i agree with every one of them!

This post brought a huge grin to my face, thinking of all the fond memories of India! I could relate to every thing! :D :D

Confused Soul said...

:D :D :D

I just realised that the other post about India is right below this one.. hehe :P My views are still the same.. one is the negative side and one is the positive, that's it :)

Clueless said...

Hee. Convenience vs nostalgia. How to choose? :)